Write Well, Be Well: Workshops combine transformational language techniques, Chinese (Chi Gong) meditation and writing lessons such as “Considering Your Audience,” and “How to Revise.” The workshops offer the best of both worlds—writing as a therapeutic release of one’s deepest emotions, and lessons toward revising, sharing and even publishing one’s work.

Eastern and Western techniques are united to benefit both one’s creative urges and health. The healing power of writing comes from stimulating an essential energy (Chi) we all have within ourselves—shaping it, and increasing it through the process of writing. This is neither a leap of faith—not mystical or magical, or even necessarily spiritual—nor is it a purely rational or “secular” process. 

Rather, the healing power of writing begins with the simple recognition that we feel, therefore we write.  Unless we write only and specifically for payment or school credit, the results of most writers’ efforts is the channeling of energy toward feeling better.  A well-written piece is a joy of it’s own. It feels good to get the feelings out. The more one uses chi energy, the more easily it can be summoned and the greater its intensity.

Further Background:

What moves the hand when a writer writes? Certainly there is, literally, an energy that moves from the mind to the hand, to the fingers, to the pen, pencil or keyboard. Engaged in the act of writing, the writer lets that energy build, flow, release to the world. It follows that the techniques that train us to feel our own body, our breath, our very own energy, can help us write more fluently, more powerfully.

There is a real benefit that comes with tapping into and training our creative energy—we can feel more well. A writer who is blocked is often upset about it.  Writers’ block leaves our emotions blocked and leaves us stressed. These workshops allows a person to discover and amplify creative impulses toward a healthy release.

Writers may find a powerful story in past traumas. Giving voice to a past hurt is almost certainly a powerful place to find a poem, a story, even a good personal advice essay.  But recording one’s joys also gives rise to powerful writing. We don’t need to wait for a headache to write. We can, as well, learn how powerful it is to write from and for pleasure.

The healing power of writing derives from our ability to locate, cultivate and harvest an essential, creative energy (Chi) we all have. As surely as we have all lived our own specific lives, we have stored within ourselves all the details and drama that we need to create wonderfully original and powerful writing. We can find that energy and make it grow. We can learn to channel our energy into writing that makes us glow with satisfaction and even helps others feel well.  

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