There are no set rules or specific requirements for how to mentor a young poet. The amount of time and specific advice or instruction provided will be entirely up to the mentor and young poet.

You can be a mentor by listing yourself as available. I will, in turn, offer you a choice of some young poets with whom you can communicate. You can, of course, locate and sponsor a young poet you select personally.

Once you are matched with a young poet, you don’t have to spend endless hours! Lending your name as a sponsor could be enough. However, I would hope you work together in one or more of the following ways:

  • Meet with &/or email to discuss poetry.
  • Read and help revise the poems written by the young poet.
  • Finish poems for selection of an anthology.
  • If enough work is completed, advise on the selection of up to 20 pages of poetry that could be published as a chapbook.
  • Write a comment, preface, book-cover quote.
  • If possible, appear at events related to the Mentoring Program.

Ultimately, your willingness to participate should bring a new generation of poets to prominence here in Volusia County. The pride of creation for young poets will speak volumes for you and your efforts.

You will be a true donor to the arts. Not only will you receive public thanks in print and at our events, but your good work will continue in the person and poetry of the young poet you helped.

Reimbursement, benefits:
Mentors and young poets are eligible to request reimbursement for: one or more books related to the program; travel or admission costs for related events. You will also receive some free books as they become available as exemplars.

Help spread the word to young poets and mentors. Click here to download and print the PROGRAM FLIER to give to those you know.

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