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Writers can share their writing, practice performing, and get pointers from experienced, well-published authors. The Young Poets Mentoring Program offers the chance for free publication of poetry and even a free book publication of young poets’ own work.The meetings are free and open to everyone. There is also a chance to join a competitive slam team. For more information about slam competitions, email Kevin Campbell, noirjente@gmail.com. For young poets and creative writing informaiton, contact Dr. David B. Axelrod, axelrod@creativehappiness.org, phone 386-337-4567. Also visit www.volusiapoetlaureate.com.

  Made possible in part by a grant from the

Cultural Council of Volusia County.






 All Vows: New & Selected Poems,

also available with a Student & Teacher Guide. 

All Vows is available, free to young poets in the mentoring program and teachers who wish to teach poetry in their classrooms. 

All Vows has been approved as Volusia County public schools supplemental reading, and is on Amazon from Nirala Publications and directly from LIPS, Literary Independent Publishers Services.

“Many of us have been reading David B. Axelrod’s approachable, wise, and witty poems for decades, so it’s a real treat to have so many of them collected in one book. ALL VOWS deserves a wide and appreciative readership.”  — Peter Meinke, Poet Laureate of Florida

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 August 20th, 2015, Volusia County appointed its Poets Laureate. Dr. David B. Axelrod, and M. B. McLatchey now have the rare distinction of being one of only two pairs of Laureates serving the same region simultaneously in the United States. Volusia County, Florida, joins Prince William County, Virginia, in welcoming two poets to the post. The laureates will serve four years, until 2019.

The role of the Volusia Poet Laureate is to “Promote the reading, writing, and appreciation of poetry throughout the County and in so doing, promote greater literacy, cultural activity and tourism.” A selection committee advertised open nominations, screened nominees, and recommended both poets to the County Council with the assumption that one would be appointed. Wanting to provide even more benefit to their constituents, the Council, in turn decided to make both candidates a Poet Laureate.

To the many public events and performances Dr. Axelrod already presents, he plans to fund raise and institute a Young Poets Mentoring Program. An earlier, similar project he instituted resulted in the publication of nine chapbooks by poets, ages 16 to 24, which were the result of pairings with established poets who worked with the young poets until a manuscript was perfected.

Other plans are for a variety of new venues throughout Volusia County, as well as visits to libraries and public schools.

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A few words about Our Fair County

Pictured is the Volusia sign that denotes the unincorporated community called Volusia–close to north-westerly most corner of the County. Wikipedia tells us: “Volusia is one of the oldest European settlements in Florida. The main route through the town is State Road 40, which crosses the St. Johns on the Astor Bridge. Volusia County takes its name from the community of Volusia, which was named such by at least as early as 1815. The site of Volusia was an established native settlement by 1558 when its indigenous inhabitants, the Mayaca, were first encountered by Spanish explorers. Since then, it has been the location of several forts, trading posts and a port on the St. Johns River, as well as the site of conflicts with the Seminole people during Florida’s tumultuous beginnings.” 

The actual County was founded December 29, 1854 More than 500,000 people call Volusia County home.

Situated on the east coast of Central Florida, our 47 miles of Atlantic Ocean beaches

are a world-class playground, with beachfront cities including Daytona Beach,

Ormond Beach and New Smyrna Beach. Area • Total 1,432.44 sq mi • Land 1,101.03 sq

mi • Water 331.40 sq mi = 23.14% Population (est.) • (2015) 517,887


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