What is the CHI Mission Statement?
The Creative Happiness Institute, Inc. serves the public through programs for young children to senior citizens, designed to encourage greater cultural awareness and literacy. Cultural awareness may come in the form of talks and interactive events about local history, contemporary issues in the news, or most often, literary and creative writing programs. Through our hosting of guest speakers and offering talented authors venues to teach and perform, CHI seeks to foster a healthier and more prosperous community. CHI seeks out and assists individuals and organizations that can benefit from CHI’s own talented officers, board, and associates, while actively seeking to present ethnically diverse and gender equal programs.

When and why was CHI founded?
The Creative Happiness Institute (CHI) continues to grow and refine its mission and programs. We incorporated as a 501-c-3, public service, cultural and educational organization in 2009. At that time we included programs in “alternative health” as part of our description. More recently, we have refined that interest to focus on “the healing power of writing and the arts.” Our new motto better expresses this philosophy: “Be creative, be well.” We also work with other organizations to assure the public has more opportunities to experience the arts and personally engage in creative activities.

Can the arts really make someone well and happy?
Happiness is helped by good communications! The field of Art Therapy continues to innovate and grow. Meditation, relaxation techniques, yoga, tai chi, are not that different from artistic and creative processes. Certainly, giving voice to one’s deepest feelings can be therapeutic. It is not that writing will automatically make your eyes bright, your teeth white, or child bearing easy. However, the arts–and the writing arts in particular–can be a release for strong emotions–a voice for one’s pain or an the expression of great joy. Even WebMD says “Laughter stretches muscles, burns calories and produces a natural energy booster.” So write a good joke, tell a good story. Engage in the arts and feel well.

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