Dr. David B. Axelrod Healing Studies

Religious, Healing and New Age Studies

 1953     Began* 3 ½ years of Hebrew school, Torah study; learned to read and write Hebrew.

1957     Began study of comparative religions; first readings of major religious texts.

1960     Bhai study, paper on history of the faith; attended services for a year.

1961     Intensive reading/study of Freud; Interpretation of Dreams; Future of an Illusion.

1963     First of three near-death experiences; full out-of-body witness to my death. (Other events in 1976; 1994.)

1964     Began formal study of Zen and Oriental Philosophy; Amherst College, advanced course of study and paper on Fung Shui.

1966     Extensive reading of H. G. Wells; 35-page paper on “H. G. Wells and futurism;” continued study of Arthur C. Clark, Isaac Asimov; day with Asimov discussing futurism.

1969     Began years of study with Aaron Kramer, progenitor of Poetry Therapy.

1970     Began yoga studies; writing on pranayama.

1974     Began teaching Mythology as Comparative Religion in SUNY system; extensive study of Otto Rank, Myth of the Birth of the Hero; Joseph Campbell, Hero with a Thousand Faces; Jongeward  and James, Born to Win.

1975     First awareness of ability to see auras; extensive study of the phenomenon.

1976     Diagnosed with liver cancer; left doctors’ care and proved diagnosis wrong.

1976     Began study of Wilhelm Reich, Carl Jung; 100 hours of training in techniques of Alexander Lowen and bioenergetics.

1977     Began study of Rolla Nordic, creator of Greco-Roman Rune Stones/system; extensive study of Norse and other rune systems; creator of my own eclectic Rune Stone system of “Future Casting.”

1978     Day with Isaac Beshevis Singer; discussion of God and demons; published interview in Jerusalem Times.

1979     Presented Native American Poetry Festival with emphasis on spirit quest and animism.

1982     Began 100 hours of training in neurolinguistic programing.

1983     Began teaching seminars in “The Healing Power of Poetry.”

1984     Interviews with Dean Kraft, psychic healer; one-year extensive study of clairvoyance.

1991     Began Qi Gong studies with Master Chen (Tseng Yun-Xiang) and Yan Xin; qi gong reversal of  advancing blindness.

1993-1994  September-June, Fulbright Award, year in China; traveled, lectured with Chinese military qi gong division as representative of American Yan Xin Qi Gong Scientific Association. 6 lectures in 5 provinces, PRC.

1995     Assisted in founding Association for Chinese-American Enrichment.

1996     Assisted in founding Chi for Longevity.

1996     “Healing Power of Poetry,” taught day-long seminar in conjunction with Key West Literary Seminars.

1997     Began 50 hours study/application of EMDR PTSD therapy.

2000     Coordinated video publication Master Chen’s Qi Gong and Tai Chi videos.

2006     Publication of Another Way: Poems Derived from the Tao Te Ching (Karma Dog Press).

2007     Appointed honorary Daoist Priest by Wu Dang (China) Temple.

2010     Founded and incorporated Creative Happiness Institute, Inc. (CHI).

2013     Appointed Elder of Yu Shu Daoist Temple; DaoUSA Wu Dang Daoist religious order.

2013-2014    2-year research project, Goddess religions and life of Merlin Stone; Editor, co-author, Merlin Stone Remembered (Llewellyn Worldwide); Gold Medal, Florida Book Awards best non-fiction book; 1st Prize, best biography, Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Award.

2014     Featured at 1st annual Universal Consciousness Festival; second edition Another Way (Mighty Rogue).

2016     Helped coordinate Universal Consciousness Festival; life member DaoUSA.

 *Note: “Began,” denotes years of &/or continuing study.

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